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Do I have to do it all by myself?

Has God ever asked you to do something you were afraid of? Do you find it easier to rely on other people than on God? This man’s story might give you some things to think about.

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Not the usual type of leader!

If you’ve ever felt odd, not quite fitting with everyone else, a bit of a misfit, then Ehud is your man. An unusual choice as a leader, God picked a man no one else would have looked at to rescue his people. Definitely encouraging for those who don’t quite tick all the normal boxes!

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Hidden potential to lead

Do you ever doubt God? Or yourself? Do you wonder what on earth is going on with your life? Gideon lived in a time when his whole nation was asking the question - ‘What is God playing at?’ God’s answer was to take Gideon on a journey, to discover both God and his own role in being part of the solution. This study, looking at the beginning of Gideon’s journey with God might give you some food for thought on those questions you have.

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Life is a roller coaster!’ So said Westlife, Joseph would probably agree. If yours feels like that sometimes too, it might be worth considering his story ( It’s not just about technicolour dreamcoats you know!)

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Why should he get all the credit?

Have you ever felt frustrated with your leaders? Ever been involved in gossip about them? Or maybe you are a leader who finds the criticisms of others painful? The book of exodus and very human actions of Miriam give us food for thought on how to deal with those frustrations.

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Facing your fears

Has God ever asked you to take a risk for him? Did you do it, or was it too daunting a prospect? Do you face risking people’s disapproval if they knew about your faith? Do you feel like you’ve already done your share, made enough sacrifices? Obadiah would sympathise with those sentiments – but God had one more challenge for him. How he dealt with it might help us deal with our anxieties about following God too.

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Although she’s only mentioned once in the Bible – for 2 verses Phoebe is a significant woman, and a great example of how doing some detective work in scripture can pay off and teach us things we’d have normally skipped over.

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What will everyone think of me?

The first anointed King of Israel, a man chosen by God to lead yet someone who was far more worried about courting popularity than obeying God, always asking ‘what will everyone think of me?’ If that’s a challenge you face take a look at Saul’s story – see if there’s anything you could learn!

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Shiprah, Puah and the defiant women of Exodus 1

Fighting evil however we can

Things were bleak for God’s people in Exodus Chapter 1; tyranny appeared to be winning. And yet, 5 women and girls fought back with whatever power they had. This ancient story resonates with so much of the horror we see across the world today but offers hope and inspiration for us all to challenge evil whatever our circumstances.

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