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Pick a side

As Spiderman famously said 'With great power comes great responsibility'. Eli could have done with that advice! If you've ever struggled to do the right thing, or to stand your ground and have integrity in your faith - here's a man to learn from; High Priest of Israel - but a man whose heart and actions didn't always match. Take a look, but be warned - it's not a pretty story!

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Tags: integrity courage family leadership


Rebuke and Redemption

Gehazi, the little-known servant of Elisha gets a bad press and he certainly has his flaws, however his story is more complicated than we might have considered. It shows that even those who make terrible errors are not beyond the compassion of God, and I suspect hed be whispering to us all to learn from his mistakes whilst knowing Gods grace never runs out.

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Tags: faith forgiveness money integrity


Friends to the end

Jonathan is one of my favourite men of the Old Testament. If they made a film of his story Im sure someone muscular and dashing would get the part! Hes a proper boys own action hero, but hes also a man who is often overshadowed by his great friend King David.

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Tags: conflict courage integrity relationships


It was all going so well...

Lot started out with real potential and opportunity - never mind great wealth! But in contrast to his uncle Abram he struggled to trust God, often took the easy option and put his faith in human strength. His is not a happy story but it is a powerful warning for us to keep our eyes fixed on the God and not get drawn into finding our security in other places!

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