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Living in someone else's shadow

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FAO Leader. Aim of the Study; to consider the value of people with different sorts of temperament, ability and reflect on how God might use all of us. Andrew, whilst one of the 12, gets much less attention than his brother Peter. This study looks at his contributions and aims to help people consider how to value and encourage each other.

To start you off

Pick the one you think will suit your group best or just start at Q1

  • What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?
  • Imagine a situation where all of your immediate family are together in one place. Who tends to be the centre of attention? Where do you fit into the family dynamics?

The Bible bit

Who is Andrew?

1. A. Off the top of your head what do you know about the apostle Andrew?

B. What do the following passages tell us about him? What strikes or surprises you?

  • Mark 1.16-18
  • John 1.35-42
  • Luke 6.12-16
  • Mark 13.3-8

2. Why does it appear Jesus invited Andrew to be his disciple? What does that tell us about who God chooses to use for his glory? What do you find encouraging or challenging about that?

What does Andrew bring to the team?

3. Considering what you’ve already discovered now read John 6. 5-11 & John 12.20-23, How would you describe the contribution that Andrew makes as a disciple? What positive qualities can you recognise in him and in what ways does God use him as a blessing?

4. Who do you know that has similar qualities to Andrew? In what ways have you seen God use them to be a blessing? How might you affirm and encourage them?


(You could do either 5 or 6 if time is short)

Peter – ‘the Rock’ and James & John –‘the Sons of Thunder’ become the ‘pillars of the church’. They are the famous leaders amongst the disciples. Humanly speaking Andrew was overshadowed by his brother and friends.

5.What would you say to someone who told you that they felt overlooked or of less value than other Christians? How might the example of Andrew and his relationship with Jesus be helpful in that situation?

6. How might we develop a culture in our cell/church as a whole that values and encourages those who are not ‘high profile’?

Leader's Notes

1. A. People may well not know much – that’s the point really!

B. John 1.35-42 - He is the first person to call Jesus the Messiah – Peter normally gets the credit for that!

2 . Andrew was just looking – he was willing to follow, he wasn’t chosen because of his gifts, or potential, he was chosen because he was seeking God’s Messiah! I.e. all God asks of us is a willing heart, not great abilities. It’s important to establish this before looking at Andrew’s contribution – he wasn’t chosen for them, they were a response to meeting Jesus.

3. He is sincere, involved, approachable, introduces people, is practical, tries to problem solve, sees possibilities.

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