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Three Ways


Hidden potential to lead

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The story so far …

Israel was in a mess. Defying God again, they were being oppressed by the Midianites, Amalekites and others who raided at harvest time looting and destroying any crops they had grown. After 7 years they were starving, living in caves out of fear of the marauders, and utterly desperate. Finally they called out to God.

Read Judges 6.11-24

METHOD 1. Inductive study

What strikes you?

Key Principles?

Application to your circumstances

Action to take?

METHOD 2. Guided study

  • What do Gideon’s responses to the angel tell you about his thinking? (On circumstances, God & even himself)
  • Assuming God isn’t being sarcastic in v12, what do you think he is trying to communicate to Gideon?
  • What positive things have God or other people told you about yourself & how did you react to that? Why?
  • Who can you see hidden potential in & how might you encourage them to grow in that?
  • God took Gideon on a training course (Jdg 6,7,8) to help him develop his faith in both God and his own potential. In what ways can you see God;
    • Developing you in the past?
    • Trying to encourage and develop you now?
  • How well are you responding to that & practically what will you do/ put in place to increase that growth?

METHOD 3. Reflection on Gideon

Gideon was a bitter young man. He was angry with God for what he considered to be a betrayal of his people, Insecure about his family back ground, and totally sceptical that he was the kind of person who could do anything to change the situation. He responded with incredulity at God’s greeting of ‘The Lord is with you mighty warrior’. As far as he could see God was NOT with him and he was far from being any kind of warrior, never mind a mighty one!

However, God saw Gideon’s potential. What he could be, not what he currently was. Even though Gideon didn’t trust God, or believe in himself, God knew better. He took Gideon on a journey (Jdg 6,7,8) to prove his faithfulness and to show Gideon what he was capable of in partnership with him. All Gideon needed was the courage to believe and to follow – fortunately for Israel he had both.

Many of us doubt ourselves, doubt that God could use us, doubt that we are good enough, strong enough, wise or godly enough. However God sees beyond the now into what we could be and wants to take us on that journey – if we are willing to follow. It starts with small steps, being realistic about ourselves – not thinking that we are great or useless. If we are made in his image and have his spirit in us what an insult it is to tell God we are useless – we are telling him that his spirit in us is useless too!

We are sinful, we mess up, but some of us need to start believing the things others tell us about our good qualities. Or start believing what the Bible says about our value. Jesus didn’t die so we could believe Satan’s lies indefinitely. Let’s follow Gideon’s example and be willing to start on the journey towards the potential God has put in us, and let’s spur each other on – speaking words of potential and encouragement, as God did with Gideon.

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