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1 Kings

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In it for the long haul!

Do you feel positive about your life – or have you been disappointed by the shape it’s taken? If you feel that you’ve taken a battering and wonder where God is in that, or how to hold on to him, Anna is a great example of someone who worked that out.  If you want someone to inspire you to keep going, through thick and thin then this woman might be just what you need.

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The God of Encouragement

A mighty man of God, hero of the Old Testament – who reaches the end of himself. An encouragement for those of us who run out of energy, hope and courage – this is the very human story of a man who just couldn’t cope anymore and how God met him in that place.

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Facing your fears

Has God ever asked you to take a risk for him? Did you do it, or was it too daunting a prospect? Do you face risking people’s disapproval if they knew about your faith? Do you feel like you’ve already done your share, made enough sacrifices? Obadiah would sympathise with those sentiments – but God had one more challenge for him. How he dealt with it might help us deal with our anxieties about following God too.

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