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Do I have to do it all by myself?

Has God ever asked you to do something you were afraid of? Do you find it easier to rely on other people than on God? This manís story might give you some things to think about.

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Not the usual type of leader!

If youíve ever felt odd, not quite fitting with everyone else, a bit of a misfit, then Ehud is your man. An unusual choice as a leader, God picked a man no one else would have looked at to rescue his people. Definitely encouraging for those who donít quite tick all the normal boxes!

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Tags: leadership self-esteem courage gifts


Hidden potential to lead

Do you ever doubt God? Or yourself? Do you wonder what on earth is going on with your life? Gideon lived in a time when his whole nation was asking the question - ĎWhat is God playing at?í Godís answer was to take Gideon on a journey, to discover both God and his own role in being part of the solution. This study, looking at the beginning of Gideonís journey with God might give you some food for thought on those questions you have.

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Guts & Glory!

Ever struggled to get your head around all that violence in the Bible? Ever been camping? Put those two things together and you get Jael; a woman with tent pegs who you wouldnít mess with! She raises some questions for us about gender, war and courage... read on!

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