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2 Samuel

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Friends to the end

Jonathan is one of my favourite men of the Old Testament. If they made a film of his story Im sure someone muscular and dashing would get the part! Hes a proper boys own action hero, but hes also a man who is often overshadowed by his great friend King David.

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Tags: conflict courage integrity relationships


Refusing to give up

How do you respond to injustice in the world? What about when it's against you? What if there seems to be nothing you can do about it? Rizpah knows all about slander and injustice - but even in a situation where she had no power, she still showed courage that shamed the powerful. I bet you've never heard of her - but she was a brave lady!

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Tags: courage suffering violence


A God of wisdom

Ever felt out of your depth? Done your best but not quite got it right? Solomon would empathise with that. Taken from the start of his reign (before it all went wrong!) this study looks at how God equips people to do what hes asked of them.

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