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A woman of influence

For a woman who only gets two brief mentions in the Bible, Eunice is a woman of great influence. Addressing questions of family, parenting and the faith of our children this study considers the effect of a motherís faith on her children and the implications of that.

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John Mark

A man who blew it

John Mark blew it, let his team down, bottled out. This study looks at second chances, how we react to mistakes (both our own & others) what the bible teaches about forgiveness, and the potential God sees even in those who are less than perfect!

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Nympha, Lydia and Mary

I wonder how you do with sharing?

We know very little about these three women. They are often overlooked; 'invisible' in the biblical story but what they model to us about courage, sacrifice and above all hospitality is really challenging. At a time when so many in the world are desperate for refuge and need help, Nympha, Mary and Lydia are among those from the first century who might inspire us to think about how to steward all God has blessed us with in a really practical way.

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Wholehearted partnership

'Marriage doubles or halves your ministry'. Here's one half of a great couple. Priscilla married one of the good guys - and look what they achieved together. But what if you're not half of anything? What if you're single? What if you don't want to be? This team give us a great example of marriage in action - but also help us reflect on our obsession with romance.

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Ditzy or Delighted?

When things are tough what is your response? Do you really think prayer makes any difference? Is your faith something that gives you hope, joy even? In a terrible situation - literally life and death - Rhoda finds a joy that's infectious. Perhaps you could do with considering her?

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An extraordinary, ordinary woman

Jesus said Ďthe poor will always be with youí (Matt 26.11). Itís true, but as Christians how do we start to help those in trouble? Tabitha was a compassionate, generous, inspiring woman Ė she might just give you some ideas of how to start showing Godís love to those in need.

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